The 4th Quarter Blitz

October 29, 2014

AV industry veterans are well versed with the end of the year rush. They’ve experienced delayed projects magically coming back to life, customers with surplus budget money on an AV shopping spree, and prospects who wouldn’t return their calls suddenly having plenty of time to discuss a new installation ‘as long as it can be done this year’.

For many, the rush begins near the end of the 3rd quarter (mid-September) and runs through the end of the calendar year. Since there’s no formula to accurately predict how busy the rush will be on a given year, most AV veterans prepare in some way, shape or form by tightening up their deposit requirements, resource planning and keeping a close eye on lead times for products specified or included in bid specs. We have the luxury of leveraging resources from our voice/data and electrical teams to augment our labor plan to meet the demands of the rush.

At the end of the day…umm year, there’s no way to plan for every contingency. But by being conservative about what you can actually deliver by December 31st, and employing some common sense planning, you’ll go a long way towards keeping your clients (and staff) happy.