Case Studies

Project Summary: Design/Build AV upgrade in main conference room of cutting-edge Internet advertising company.

Challenges: Large multi-purpose room with columns, glass walls, metal-lathe ceilings and other features interfering with sound—from teleconferencing to rock concerts.

Solutions: EASE modeling for optimal sound engineering, steerable line array speakers, custom-built subwoofers, expanded teleconferencing components, easy-to-use GUI and more.


Razzle Dazzle without the hassle.

AppNexus is a billion-dollar technology firm that powers the most innovative trading solutions for Internet advertising. The symbolic heart of the high-energy company is their “Razzle Dazzle” space in their New York headquarters. Sometimes it’s a videoconferencing center for AppNexus colleagues from around the world to virtually collaborate. Other times it’s used to pitch to new clients and investors. It even serves as a performance space for bands and other entertainment the company founder brings in to reward colleagues. The room’s architecture had many daunting acoustical and visual challenges for a multipurpose collaboration space, including columns, glass walls, metal-lathe ceilings and more.

We tackled the architecture of the space with innovative, outside-of-the-box thinking. This included implementation of EASE modeling to identify how sound travels within the room to determine the optimal loudspeaker product and placement. Our recommendation was to use steerable line array loudspeakers that provide a wide horizontal pattern coupled with a narrow vertical pattern, so that sound would hit the back floor before it hit the back wall, bouncing more naturally to the glass walls. We also created custom-built subwoofers to capture lower frequencies, especially for the fun band performances.

For simplified operation, we provided a new, intuitive GUI via an iPad and LCD touchscreen to control the system, including preset recall to dramatically increase ease of use. A total of eight cameras are used to capture the stage presenters and audience for events and videoconferencing.

We put the Dazzle back in their Razzle. As a result of this project, AppNexus has engaged USIS AV to design, integrate and maintain their AV systems throughout their global enterprise.