Case Studies

Project Summary: AV integration for leading medical technology company to link systems in cadaver lab to other offices for remote viewing of testing procedures.

Challenges: Ensure that surgical suite operator could easily demonstrate procedures to observers and that equipment could withstand regular use and disinfecting.

Solutions: Medical-grade equipment, iPad system control and easy AV communication between cadaver lab and outside observers.


When it comes to AV, the last thing you need are complications.

Biomet is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of advanced surgical technologies treating arthritis, joint and spine related injuries, and facial reconstructions. The company was building a new facility, and to ensure that their products would continue to meet the highest quality and safety standards for patients, they wanted a state-of-the-art on-site cadaver lab for testing.

One of the significant challenges facing the project was that the majority of the new office space had already been 75% constructed. Firms competing for the project through a consultant bid process would be required to present work-around installation recommendations to keep the office opening on schedule and on budget.

Based on the thoroughness of our recommendations, USIS AV was hired to outfit the cadaver lab as well as the executive boardroom, president’s conference room and over a dozen on-site offices. In addition to AV systems for these rooms, we also provided full integration with the cadaver lab system to give Biomet staff and visiting medical personnel the ability to watch procedures remotely throughout the building’s conference rooms installed by USIS AV.

Because Biomet tests its devices using human cadavers, we installed medical-grade components able to withstand the rigors of continual cleaning and disinfecting. We also gave the cadaver lab operator the ability to control all video cameras via iPad, allowing him or her to preview and show different views of procedures with minimal effort or interruption. The two-way, high-fidelity audio system we implemented also allows for continual communication between the cadaver lab and other rooms that were part of the project.

We were introduced to the client team at Biomet via an independent consultant who led the bid process. Once on board and under a tight timeline, we were tasked by the client to make recommendations on ways to improve the design and to also update the product mix to accommodate many changes in field conditions during construction. Our engineering team proposed and implemented numerous upgrades that improved the functionality of the systems and delivered all of the solutions for their go-live date. On every project and with every client, our mandate is to provide proactive involvement and communications with the goal of improving the quality of the finished product and the customer experience.