Case Studies

Project Summary: AV project integration for redesign of triangular-shaped boardroom of international law firm.

Challenges: Room features wide angles and a considerable amount of ambient light; firm needed work done quickly in order to minimize business interruption.

Solutions: 103” Panasonic display with two 65” flat panel displays to provide exceptional viewing from all parts of the room.


Making the case for a uniquely-shaped space.

Morgan Lewis is an international law firm with over 25 offices worldwide. As a long standing client of USIS, Morgan Lewis entrusted USIS AV with the design and implementation of their conference center.

The firm was remodeling its New York offices with an outside architectural firm managing the overall redesign. Central to the project was their boardroom, a triangular-shaped space featuring glass walls that’s used for the firm’s most important client meetings, internal management meetings and special events.

The main architect’s exacting vision for the office was sleek modernity, and we worked extensively with him and the firm throughout the process. The turnaround for the project was extremely aggressive. As a high-profile law firm, Morgan Lewis wanted the work done perfectly and very quickly in order to minimize disruptions to its day-to-day operations. They also expected that all new technology be extremely intuitive for ease of use.

Morgan Lewis took advantage of the full array of our services: Design/Build, Engineering, Installation, and Service and Support.

There were many unique challenges to designing an AV solution that would accommodate a triangular-shaped room with a vast amount of ambient light from two exposures. Our solution included a 103” flat-panel display on the presentation wall and two 65” displays on the two opposing glass walls.

In addition, we also provided videoconferencing capabilities, a fully integrated audio conferencing system with ceiling speakers, table-mounted cardioid microphones with push to mute functionality, and multiple laptop connection points for presentations.

The room’s acoustic ceiling presented another challenge: all components would have to be installed and fully tested in the support structure space prior to the finished ceiling installation, further compressing the timeline we had to complete the project.

Morgan Lewis has a boardroom and an entire conference center floor completed by USIS that functions as well as it looks.