Case Studies

Project Summary: Update of company suite at MetLife Stadium featuring technology to display game action and comprehensive fantasy football statistics.

Challenges: Completion originally slated for late in the season was the need, but the project timeline was compressed to meet a top executive’s wants; rapid coordination of state and stadium approvals were required.

Solution: 84” 4K monitors, 65” HD monitors and a 15’ LED ticker to display fantasy football stats; color coordinated screen themes based on teams playing or stadium event.


A last-minute drive to create a fantasy football lover’s dream.

Software company SAP is a technology partner at MetLife Stadium, home to the New York Giants and New York Jets. They provide game spectators with real-time stats from around the league—a crucial lifeline for anyone with a fantasy football team. The crown jewel of the company’s stadium presence is the SAP suite. USIS AV was selected to design and implement the AV systems in the suite to reflect SAP’s cutting edge image and to provide suite occupants with the most immersive fantasy football experience possible.

The unveiling of the suite was initially scheduled for late in the 2013 season ahead of the Super Bowl to be held at MetLife Stadium. At the last moment, an SAP executive requested that the suite be completed in days—not weeks or months—so he could watch his favorite team when they played at the stadium Thanksgiving weekend.

With the timeline suddenly compressed, USIS AV went into its “2-minute drill.” Working with the architecture firm of EwingCole, we efficiently marched down the field to deliver winning results. The project was completed the night before Thanksgiving, training took place on Black Friday and the system was up and running for kickoff on Sunday.

Our team utilized two state-of-the-art 84” 4K monitors for the main suite wall; one to be used for game day relays and other content, while the other would run live feeds of SAP’s fantasy football stats in conjunction with various games in multiple windows. Another wall featured three additional 65” monitors anchored by a 15-foot LED ticker below running continuous fantasy football updates.

Because the stadium hosts two different teams, we also gave SAP the ability to change color schemes for all screens—blue or green. And when the stadium is used for other events, SAP can opt to use the stadium’s gray color scheme as well.

Tremendous teamwork was also a hallmark of this project. The stadium is operated by the state, requiring government approvals of all work which we secured despite the shortened time frame. In addition, all technology is managed by stadium personnel. We worked closely with them to deliver solutions that are easy to use and maintain while meeting their rigorous standards.

Touchdown! We completed the finished project on time, exceeding every client expectation and setting a new standard for in-suite AV systems at MetLife Stadium. Numerous suite owners are eager to update the AV technology to keep pace.