Case Studies

Project Summary: Design/Build AV upgrade of large auditorium for major financial news and information company.

Challenges: Complete entire upgrade in three days, providing solutions that would impress the media community and function flawlessly in a room often filled with natural light.

Solutions: State-of-the-art AV system including 3'x4' video wall matrix, digital media switcher, graphics processor, dynamic audio mixing software and more.


Replacing a decade-old system in just three days.

Thomson Reuters is one of the world’s leading sources of up-to-the-minute financial news and information. The AV technology in their 200-seat Carnegie Hall Auditorium in New York was outdated with legacy hardware including an analog, dual rear projection video system with 6′ x 8′ screens, a series of pass-around handheld microphones and an adjoining, isolated control room. Additionally, most of the legacy equipment was so outdated that manufacturers no longer supported the products.

Even though it features spectacular views of Manhattan, the room’s orientation was also less than ideal for the system in place. At roughly 60 feet wide and with northern-facing windows, light and glare provided major challenges for viewers during the day.

Thomson Reuters knew it was time for a change. But time wasn’t going to be on anyone’s side: a complete Design/Build project of this scale would typically take three to four weeks to complete. They wanted it done in six days, three of which would be taken up by room demolition and construction prior to the three days of AV installation and commissioning.

With no time to lose, we gave Thomson Reuters state-of-the-art, user-friendly technology that reflects the company’s image as an elite global media entity.

We replaced the dual rear-projection system with a 3′ x 4′ video wall matrix of high-resolution, ultra-narrow monitors, providing superior viewing from all seats in the space. The system can show multiple images using presets simultaneously through a Crestron digital media switcher. We also included a high-end graphics processor to display static or animated logos on screens not being utilized for a particular preset.

On the audio side, we used Biamp Tesira digital solutions to dynamically control room microphones between auto mix settings and live events, equalizing both loud and soft speech. For videoconferencing, we installed a Cisco system with rear-mounted cameras facing the front of the room to capture presenters. Crestron touch panel LCD screens give users an easy-to-understand interface for system operation.

We also gave the room’s AV operator advanced system tools and new mobility. Instead of being isolated in the old control room, the operator can now control the entire system via laptop from within the meeting space itself.

Resultant of the tight timeline and our integration process, we tested most of the components off-site at our offices in Pearl River, NY, bringing them to Thomson Reuters for installation during off-business hours. We also coordinated all labor and contractor resources to work within this compressed schedule.

We met the six-day deadline that Thomson Reuters required, and now provide comprehensive service featuring one-hour phone call response and next business day on-site service.

“USIS AV came up with fantastic ideas in a room that came with a lot of challenges, and on an extremely tight deadline. They really care to get the job done right—they were extremely professional and responsive to every need we had. I can’t give them 5 stars, because they really deserve 10.” – Fred Cannock, Director of AV Services, Thomson Reuters