When you’re part of a $125 million company, the resources are unrivaled.

Few if any AV vendors have unlimited access to resources that help your company achieve many of its most important technology goals. USIS AV is a division of a larger, $125 million service and installation company that also specializes in fully integrated solutions in technology, electrical contracting, security, wireless and training services. From small private companies to members of the Fortune 500, our clients turn to us for technical excellence and strategic insights that help them accomplish mission-critical aspects of their businesses each day with the utmost in confidence.

Our nationwide footprint gives us a presence in every major market and we own over 100,000 square feet of facility space. We warehouse, stage and configure equipment, support national roll-outs, provide training, and maintain a centralized 24/7 x 365 rapid-response call center for our clients. We’re committed to a working-owner leadership model, with each of our staff members having a vested interest in the success of our company—as well as yours.

Our mission is to be your “single source provider for design, implementation, project management and support services.” As such, we invest heavily in creating a service-first culture of highly skilled, flexible, and multifunctional specialists. Our continued growth and our long corporate history, dating back to 1924, allows us to provide the very best in service, solutions and support to the most discerning clients