The Hiring Pyramid for the Right Fit

October 29, 2014

When sifting through piles or resumes, I have often been asked, “How do you know if a candidate is the right fit?” When I consider applicants for a position, I refer to my hiring pyramid:


For me, the ideal candidate fills two thirds of the pyramid. For example, if they have experience in the position and the industry, I only need to teach them about the company. If a technician has been with the company for a couple of years doing AV installations, and wants to become a Project Manager, I only need to teach them about the Project Management position.

Even if the candidate fills two thirds of the hiring pyramid, they may not necessarily be the “right fit.” The candidate with the ideal experience may not be the right person that fits within your team dynamic. If the person has the personality that blends with your team, and has the aptitude to learn the position and quickly, I would be more inclined to invest in that candidate. More often than not, the hiring pyramid selects the ideal candidate, the right fit.