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Services | AV Managed Services

USIS AV Managed Services are designed to support high-performing teams and connected workplaces where utilization of audiovisual technologies is crucial, requiring proactive measures to ensure uptime & adoption and a reliable resource for incident reporting, tracking, and resolution.

Managed Services clients have a central point of contact for their audiovisual service and support needs - our 24/7 Call Center ». From Remote Support to Service Scheduling, every step in our Managed Services experience is anchored by the easily-accessible USIS Call Center.

Client Portal

Access to our Call Center-supervised online Client Portal to open and track service tickets to resolution. Log-in credentials provided by USIS are required.

Onsite AV System Audit

Designed to meet challenges associated with inherited AV systems. An AV Technician will perform an Onsite System Audit evaluating systems, drawings, and programming, testing functionality, and delivering a plan for any needed fixes.

Remote Support

Access to Tier 1 response via phone support from our Call Center to answer basic questions, troubleshoot common issues, and/or escalate to an onsite Service visit.

Event AV Support

Our AV Technicians are available onsite on a half or full-day basis to setup, support, and/or run critical client events such as a global town hall.

Preventive Maintenance

PM visits include onsite inspection, testing, and cleaning of equipment, performance of manufacturer’s recommended routine maintenance, and documentation and reporting of any performance issues.


Managed through our Call Center, Service dispatch options can include standard, priority, and emergency-response. In addition to Service plans, USIS also offers non-expiring blocks-of-hours.

Onsite AV Staffing

Hired and managed through USIS AV, experts in various disciplines and technical levels such as Engineers, Support, and Technicians, are available as dedicated, full-time resources at client sites.

Remote Monitoring

With the ability to provide remote monitoring via simple network protocols and network clients, USIS can provide 24/7 monitoring and rapid response for critical systems with interactive capabilities to resolve many issues remotely.

Warranty Advantage

An add-on option to our standard 12-month Warranty for equipment and workmanship (USIS installed projects), clients can extend warranty periods, choose priority response times, and include Preventive Maintenance options.

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