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Systems Control

Complexities of a divisible space solved via a well-designed control solution


Systems design supports a single space or two individual spaces

Video Wall

Overflow into reception area with video wall for special events

Divisible Conference Rooms to Meet Versatile Needs


AV system design/build services for build-out of the pharmaceutical company’s NYC corporate office space, including multipurpose divisible conference rooms.


  • Department Heads
  • Staff
  • Receptionist


  • Divisible Multipurpose Room
  • Wireless Presentation
  • Video Conferencing
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Video Wall
  • Control Solutions


The complexities of a multi-purpose divisible space were properly addressed via a well-designed control solution. USIS AV gathered insights from Progenics’ staff to best understand room usage, technology adoption levels, and challenges from previous systems to deliver a user-oriented solution (divide, join, content sources, etc.) easily operated by any team member.

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Progenics Pharmaceuticals, a pioneering oncology company focused on the development of innovative medicines and AI to fight cancer, explored how to efficiently utilize every foot of its flagship New York HQ. Shifting to an activity-focused work model, its new office would need to support various work modes from focus to collaboration, with AV systems to support multiple uses and activities. Working with USIS AV from concept to design to integration, a set of divisible conference rooms emerged as one of the main solutions for the pharma company’s versatile needs and square-footage-efficiency mandate.


In addition to huddle rooms, open office areas, and meeting rooms, USIS AV provided AV system design/build services to support a multi-configuration room design of two large divisible conference rooms and overflow into a reception area. With presentation, video conferencing, and audio conferencing capabilities, the systems can be operated in three modes: divided as two separate conference rooms, combined as one large conference room, and combined together with the reception area with video wall for special events. When divided and operating as two separate conference rooms, each room has identical functionality including 65” wall-mounted display, laptop connection, Crestron Airmedia wireless presentation system, PC, and video conferencing system. The audio system includes ceiling-recessed speakers and wireless table microphones. The system control is via a dedicated touch screen in each room; when the room is combined one room can be selected as the master for both.

During events, the two large conference room partitions can be removed, allowing combination with the reception area and viewing of the video wall. The video wall is a 2x2 array comprised of 55” thin bezel displays. The video wall shows images in two modes of operation: day-to-day mode and event mode. The system can display one large image (110” viewable) or four individual 55” images. Content for the video wall can be sourced from a PC, wall plate laptop connection, cable TV tuner, or any one source from the divisible conference rooms.


The multi-purpose, divisible room design supported by USIS AV’s solutions provides Progenics with the flexibility to support multiple meeting and event sizes and formats, ensuring the most efficient use of office space. From All-Hands to smaller-sized department meetings, their staff has complete control of the systems, content sources, and operation modes, easily joining and dividing rooms via the in-room touch screen. During day-to-day operation mode of the video wall, the Receptionist can select a source ranging from the cable TV tuner to a welcome screen generated from the PC housed under the reception desk, all via a 5” touch screen.