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Multi camera views and iPad control allow Operators to share detailed procedures


Surgical-grade audio visual equipment meets critical requirements

Connected Conference Rooms

Visiting medical personnel observe and communicate with the Lab from remote conferece rooms

Collaboration-driven Surgical Testing Laboratory.


AV integration services for global medical technology company to link systems in its Surgical Testing Lab to observation rooms allowing remote viewing of testing procedures.


USIS AV worked with healthcare-specific technology manufacturers to ensure equipment met stringent operating room standards.


  • Lab Technicians
  • Surgical Suite Operators
  • Visiting Medical Personnel


  • Surgical-grade audio and video solutions
  • Live video observation and audio listening
  • Multi-camera/multidisplay views
  • Recording for on-demand playback
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As one of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers, the design of Zimmer Biomet’s new facility pursued clear outcomes: ensure its products continue to meet the highest quality and safety standards for patients and provide its staff with easy-to-operate technologies to accomplish that goal. The project’s focal point emerged as an AV-enhanced surgical-grade testing lab connected to collaboration-enabled observation spaces.


USIS AV integrated AV solutions in the Lab and observation rooms, as well as other corporate and office spaces. The Surgical Testing Lab sits at the heart of a group of conference rooms, including the Physicians Boardroom and Surgeon’s Boardroom, equipped for two-way communication and collaboration with the Lab. As an active operating room, the Lab required medical-grade equipment in order to meet operating room control standards and to withstand daily sterilization.

The Lab’s video systems include a series of four multi-input wall plates to accommodate portable cameras, fixed cameras above the operating tables, and two wall-mounted HD PTZ cameras for sharing video with the observation rooms. A Crestron HD capture recorder provides recording functionality, with content stored on the company’s servers for on-demand playback. There are three 55” LED swing-arm mounted medical-grade displays with protective front panels, each with a dual-window processor for sending a single image or side-by-side (or PIP) with another image.

Audio is captured and shared through an audio conference system, recessed ceiling speakers, and wireless microphones including a countryman over-the-ear mic for Surgical Suite Operators.

All room and system functions are controlled via a medical-grade ELO wall-mounted touchscreen. The Surgical Suite Operator can also control all video cameras via an iPad in order to preview and display different views of Lab procedures with minimal effort.


With easy-to-operate, medical-grade audio and video solutions Surgical Suite Operators can easily demonstrate testing procedures from the Surgical Lab to medical-personnel in separate observation spaces, allowing for real-time feedback, questions, and collaboration. Recording functionality also provides for on-demand viewing by Lab Technicians and other staff for training purposes and quality control.