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ElAVated Retail: Digital Signage at Point of Discovery

How brands can move in-store shoppers with compelling storytelling.

Demand for in-store retail experiences that are uber engaging for shoppers has accelerated beyond the dynamics of traditional “good store design” such as lighting, product placement, traffic flow, and color schemes (all still very important). Labor shortages and supply chain issues translating into longer check-out times, well-meaning but sporadic customer service, and shrinking shelves, can stamp a less than favorable impression. How then does a brick-and-mortar stave off negative social media rants? Not a market unfamiliar with reinvention, retailers are rethinking other touch points in physical stores to allow them to connect with their customers on an entirely different level. The shift has become personal.

One way shoppers will overlook a certain degree of frustration is when they’re supporting a particular retailer, designer, or product line, that they can feel good about. An entity that speaks to their own personal ethos. Sustainability, diversity, and inclusion are just a few tenets for which shoppers are mindful. They want to support a shop that matches their beliefs. Retailers are responding by sharing their own story, a story they hope will connect in a meaningful way.

How are these stories being delivered? Digitally and ubiquitously, of course. Rather than just a single, large-format video wall, store design can include point-of-discovery digital signage displays. With today’s many options in display sizes, mounting hardware, and content delivery players, displays can be positioned to correspond with a particular designer and their products, digitally telling the story of a product’s origins, fabrication, beliefs, and more, right at the point of discovery. Understanding how that blouse, sneaker, or kitchen gadget was envisioned and made, as a shopper stands in the aisle, can create a strong sense of connection driving sales and long-term customer value.

This type of multiple digital-signage enabled storytelling isn’t confined to the larger brands. In fact, it’s even more suitable for smaller shops who tend to carry up-and-coming designers that have interesting and impactful stories.

With entire groups dedicated to store interior design, construction, strategy, and technology, we’re seeing opportunities to create connections between shoppers and products that are deeper than we ever had before. Digital signage with compelling content at point of discovery – the physical store aisle – is an exciting and relevant place to make this happen.

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