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How Your Real Estate Speaks to Customers

What do you want your physical spaces to say, and how do you intend them to say it?

A leading luxury car manufacturer recently announced it had partnered with a world-renowned architect and real estate company to design and deliver a handful of luxury apartments in NYC. Apartments will be appointed with signature details from the car manufacturer’s home collection along with home racing simulators and shared amenity spaces. Even more compelling: a special-edition SUV exclusively for the apartment owners. This is the second residential project the luxury car company has undertaken.

Why is this compelling? Brands have long imagined being prevalent in all aspects of their customers’ lives, but few have delivered as meticulously as this endeavor. Fully entrenched, the brand is now an experience far beyond sitting at the wheel of a car, albeit a very nice car. Unlike the shift to virtual so common in other aspects of our lives now, this experience cannot be delivered solely via digital, it must be designed and delivered within real walls.

Real estate is a physical extension of a brand. If you’ve ever entered a shop and had a negative reaction based on your surroundings, then you are already familiar with the premise. The experience of a physical space sets certain expectations, delivered by touch points of both sight and sound. How a space feels, and in turn what it makes you feel. Whether a lobby for luxury residential apartments, a corporate HQ, or hospital waiting area, your real estate investment speaks.

What do you want your physical spaces to say and how do you intend them to say it? Along with interior design choices, AV plays a leading role.

Audio. A high-performance audio system can engage customers with multi-dimensional sound. Designed with in-ceiling speakers with little visual intrusion, well-balanced audio reproduction, and wide-dispersion, customers perceive sound coming from countless angles. Coupled with the proper sources – think nature sounds as part of your biophilic initiative – your visitors find themselves in an immersive brand experience.

Lighting. Quality lighting is essential to delivering a positive brand experience in a physical space. The proper lighting can create stunning scenes, highlight products or architectural features, and trigger desired behavior in your shoppers or visitors. Power over Ethernet (PoE) lighting systems provide intelligent lighting capabilities; with compatible fixtures attached to the ethernet cable you can control timing, dimming, and lighting schemes. Adding colors, specific zones, and varying light levels – “scene management” for your space – helps to create a memorable (and well lit) brand experience.

Digital Displays. Making the most of square footage is a large part of any space strategy and one key component for maximum brand-impact are video displays. Indoor direct-view LED displays can provide attention-grabbing and brand-building visuals. High-contrast and intensely bright images of your products, portfolio, or company story displayed via a large format video wall delivers the ultimate visual experience. Paired with the proper content management solution, your video wall can be a stunning brand experience.

There are a bevy of ways companies can deliver brand experiences. Your physical spaces: shops, HQs, lobbies, etc., are one of the most impactful and with the proper lighting, sound, and visuals, can make customers feel engaged and connected. Because, literally, and especially for the luxury car manufacturer and its apartments, that is where your brand lives.

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