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30-6-1 Training Model

Three milestone "dates" for training focus

The Client Experience (CX) is often defined within a buying context: a customer’s ‘buying journey.’ However, to deliver more evolved end-to-end client experiences, CX needs to look at every point within a client’s entire ‘technology journey.’ This takes us to touchpoints not traditionally along the purchase path but more aligned with tech adoption, making training one of the most important parts of CX.

Technology adoption increases when tech managers and end users are properly trained, including plans that speak to specific needs and applications. Client satisfaction grows exponentially when users feel confident and capable in utilizing the systems. A training roadmap for a client’s new AV systems should consider user types and stages of tech adoption. We’ve identified three key milestone “dates”: 30/6/1, for training focus.

30 Days

Within thirty days of new systems rollout, end user priorities revolve around “How do I” questions. How do I turn the system on? How do I share my screen? How do I… This puts the onus on the AV integrator to provide generalized, early-stage training on basic operation. All-purpose group training, cheat sheets, and how-to-guides should all take place/made available during the first 30 days of turn over. The goal of this first round of training is to create users.

6 Months

After six months of usage, end user confidence should evolve beyond basic operation to the “Can I?” stage of questions. Can I run this report? Can I join the meeting from this device? Can I… This is a juncture in adoption when users want their specific role or needs supported by the system; they want to understand the full features set. Training can then become customized, made available in modules to individual groups such as Sales or Production with instruction that speaks to the groups’ unique needs. The goal of training here is to create adopters who will also push adoption within their own group.

1 Year

One year from turn over and end users are clear in general operation and what the system offers/can provide in support of their job function, but now also want to know “Why can’t I do this?” This is the enhanced feature set, where integrators can work with solution providers to better accommodate the client’s needs. Training becomes even more specialized, with on-demand sessions and learning tracks intended for users to gain more expertise. The goal of training here is to create technology advocates.

Training is a vital part of technology adoption, and because the ability to seamlessly (and independently) utilize a system to its upmost benefit increases client satisfaction, it is also a vital part of CX.


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