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Divide and Conquer Flex Meeting Spaces

Design considerations for your AV-enabled divisible space

4-Word Thinking: Small doses (four, to be exact) of AV tips, trends, terms, and tech

A physical space that provides flexibility in use and layout has become a go-to for organizations' real estate strategies. If you're not familiar with multi-divisible rooms, it's time to explore that option.

AV-enabled divisible spaces can function as one large room (combined) or as two or more smaller rooms (divided) to accommodate multiple use applications. For example, combined mode in a two-way divisible room can deliver content replicated across all room displays and the audio system, intended for a single space and audience; in divided-mode, that’s distinct content on each display with independent audio for two separate spaces and audiences. Think townhall for 100+ employees in a single room on Wednesday morning and then, by dividing that same room (and system), simultaneous but independent training sessions in two rooms of 50 employees each on that Wednesday afternoon, all supported by the same AV system (plus ingenious movable walls).

Explore four design considerations for your divisible space:

USIS AV 4-Word-Thinking - Divide and Conquer
Download PDF • 455KB

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