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Less is More

Contactless? Frictionless? Touchless? Or Hybrid? Quickly learn the differences across these tech types.

From our 4-Word Thinking Series: small doses (four, to be exact) of AV tips, trends, terms, and tech.

Four recurring terms dropped into our workplace technology and environment lexicon that at first glance look interchangeable. A deeper dive and we see each refers to a distinct solution type, with lots of cross over.

#1 Contactless. Solutions designed to alleviate one person coming into direct physical contact with another person. Examples include self-guided visitor check-in, virtual reception & concierge-over-video, wayfinding, and video-instruction delivered over digital signage.

#2 Frictionless. Solutions to minimize or eliminate disruptions to a user experience. Think building access control where a user doesn’t need to stop and swipe a badge.

#3 Hybrid. Meetings, learning, events, etc. with a blended digital and physical presence, equal weight given to both the onsite and remote participant experience including content. Cloud-based video conferencing with speaker-tracking cameras and ceiling microphones designed for improved speech pick-up and voice clarity are all about hybrid.

#4 Touchless. Solutions that don’t require touch (direct physical contact made) of a public surface to utilize. Consider voice or sensor-activated systems control and BYOD (bring your own device) content sharing.

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Take this 4-Word Thinking issue with you:

USIS AV 4-Word-Thinking Less is More
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