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Webex by Cisco: Accessible Collaboration

A partner's insightful post on ensuring equal UX for all meeting participants.

Curated Content (Insights + Opinions from our valued partners)

Our valued partner, Cisco, shares “Inclusive Collaboration: Making Webex Accessible to All Users” an insightful post on ways they’re ensuring Webex meetings provide equal User Experiences (UX) to all participants. Explore the full article, with a few standout points highlighted below.

Tips for hosting more inclusive Webex meetings

  • Turn on Webex Assistant when hosting meetings. This allows attendees who want to turn on captioning to select that option or say out loud, “Okay Webex, turn on captions.” Webex translates speech to a different language in real-time. Language translation is helpful when a meeting is conducted in a language other than your native language. Participants can turn on captioning even if the host hasn’t turned on Webex Assistant.

  • A major challenge for people with low vision or blindness is not being able to access content shared during a meeting. As a meeting host, you can send files directly to attendees by choosing ‘Transfer’ from the Webex File menu. After accepting the file transfer, the user can download and view the content while it is being shared.

  • When you share your screen, describe images out loud. You might say, “This graph shows trends in Webex usage over three years, both in number of sessions and total minutes.” Then explain the main takeaways.

  • To better engage with people who are deaf or hard of hearing, consider providing sign language interpreters if you’re hosting a large Webex meeting. But keep in mind that some deaf people don’t understand sign language or prefer captioning. Refer to this guide to understand more.

  • Avoid flashing visual content especially if it blinks for 3 times per second. “Flashing” refers to content that can trigger a seizure.

  • Inclusion goes both ways. We suggest that people with disabilities include themselves in the meeting as much as possible. For example, my Webex experience is the same whether or not I turn on video—but turning it on makes other participants feel more connected to me.

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