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Anything But Remote

Welcome to the agile workforce.

Remote workers. Work from home. Virtual Workers. We’ve all heard these terms used to describe employees not in a traditional/physical office setting. Prior to the challenges of 2020, these employees were “remote” not just physically but with less of a connection to their team. Remote meant distant.

Fast forward.

The challenges of 2020 have created a corporate workforce that is, by the old “not in the office” definition, almost fully remote making the term “remote” seem overly simplistic. They are not distant and they are not removed; if anything this workforce is more connected than ever before. Time to ditch the remote and virtual preface. Instead we offer up – "Agile". The Agile Workforce defined as resourceful and adaptable, with the ability, emotional intelligence, and skillset to work from anywhere. A workforce that quickly pivoted to a new set of workflows, technology, and teaming innovations.

With the ubiquitous of video conferencing, seamlessness of collaboration tools, and arrival of virtual reality, the technology is in place to align all our work experiences without calling out disparate locations or types of workers. We can develop more cohesion by adopting a term, and mindset, that recognizes our workforce as a whole. And that, IOHO, is Agile.

About USIS AV. USIS AudioVisual delivers solutions for a digital and built environment’s AV, IT, and Unified Communications technology stack. We design, integrate, service, and support collaboration, digital media, video conferencing, audio, experiential, agile workforce, sound masking, and other application-specific AV systems across multiple markets that drive the employee, audience, guest, and customer experience. As part of USIS, the $200M technology infrastructure and professional services firm with roots from 1924, we are one of the only design/build/service organizations nationally providing cross-functional expertise in IT & Communications Infrastructure, AudioVisual Systems, Security Systems, Wireless Solutions, and Electrical Contracting services.

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