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USIS AV Launches Startup AV Focused on Unique Needs of the Startup Community

The initiative includes audiovisual solutions, insights, and events specifically curated for Startups from early-stage to maturity modes.

March 22, 2021 | NEW YORK NY – USIS AudioVisual, delivering design/build/service solutions for a built and virtual environment’s AV technology stack, announced the launch of Startup AV, an initiative dedicated to the unique needs of the Startup community. The program includes AV solutions, insights, and events specifically curated for organizations from early-stage to maturity modes as well as the innovation hubs and stakeholders that support them.

“Startups have a unique set of needs, constraints, and priorities unlike any other business segment,” said Theresa Hahn, USIS AV Vice President of Marketing. “Addressing the Startup community in terms of technology solutions in the same way as an Enterprise or even Mid-Market organization just isn’t relevant. We want the AV systems and technology roadmaps we provide Startups to be pertinent and a strategic part of their long term growth. The Startup landscape reflects how business and society are evolving and is a crucial part of the overall economy and culture. These innovators should be supported as such.”

The Startup AV initiative brings together USIS AV, key technology partners, and AV & Startup thought leaders - including USIS AV clients that have launched and grown their own Startups - to deliver solution packages, insights, content, and events as organizations take their new product or solution from model to viable.

“USIS AV has been part of the journey of several very successful Startups,” said USIS AV Executive Vice President, Bill Baretz. “Which is why this initiative was so important. We see this as a true investment in a Startup’s success, our own success, and the success of the global business economy at-large”.

Startup AV launched with a dedicated newsletter and will follow with announcements on events, contributing technology partners, and curated content.

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